Design Archive

Aftercolony: V2 Network V.6 2009/09
Featuring art from Magna Carta, vector brushes, and lots of creamy blue colors. Made in Paint Shop Pro.
FaintSmile: V1 Network V.7 2010/05
Featuring Yuna from FFX and watercolor brushes. My first after converting to Photoshop CS.
Wild7: V1 Network V.8 2010/12
Featuring art from Persona. A quick holiday-themed layout to celebrate a new domain name.
Wild7: V1 Network V.9 2011/01
Featuring art from Angel Sanctuary, colored by Sara. This pretty design was a gift from my friend Kula.
Wild7: V1 Network V.10 2012/07
Featuring art from Final Fantasy 7. A layout I made to "warm up" and practice using Amano art, which I think is beautiful but hard to work with. Eventually uploaded anyway, knowing that I'd want to make another design soon after.