Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we be affiliates?
A. Affiliation is currently CLOSED, except for close friends.

Q. Can we exchange links?
A. Yes! Link exchanging is OPEN. Just send me an email and I'll be happy to add your link as soon as I can.

Q. Will you host me?
A. Hosting is OPEN. I can take blogs, fansites, personal sites, and collectives. All hostees get a subdomain at one of my domains. Friends and old hostees are preferred.

Q. What happened to your old hostees?
A. I kept their sites up for as long as I could. For almost all of them though, I lost their contact information and was not sure if they were even still online. I did backup most of their data though. So if you're an old hostee looking for your files, contact me.

Q. Wil you make a graphic/layout, or teach me something about web design?
A. Sorry, I don't have time to teach.

Q. What is direct-linking?
A. Direct-linking, or hotlinking, is the act of leeching another person's bandwidth by embedding their images/resources on your page. For example, with images, when putting images on your website, linking the image tag to would be hotlinking, because you're linking the image from a site that is not yours. Instead, you can save the image to your own computer, upload it to your website, and write the image code linking to the picture on your space (image.gif).

Is your question not here? Shoot me an email.