Network Statistics

Created in: 2002
Current Location: Wild-Seven.Org
Current Domains: Aftercolony.Org, Heartilly.Com, Wild-Seven.Org
Hosting Company: Dreamhost
Hostees: Amiboshi, Karen

What's in a Name?

Vast+Infinite Network is the network name, a habit among personal web designers to name their site something aside from their domain name. This has always been done by those who prefer it that way. Oddly, people tell me it's "a recent trend", but I've seen network names for years. Vast+Infinite is a reference to the famous ending line of the cyberpunk classic, animated film, Ghost in the Shell, "The net is truly vast and infinite." This occurs as the protagonist looks out to the city, knowing there is a world of possibilties for her to explore now. That's what I yearn for - hope for complete absolution and the freedom to adventure.

Wild-Seven.Org is the domain name, the short url for visitors to easily access the site. By now, I'm tired of giving fancy meanings behind the names. I just like it. I like Mild Sevens, I like Battle Royale, I like NANA, I like wild cards, and I like the number 7. Also, I like how most of my domains (Wild-Seven, Heartilly, and Heavenly) were previously owned by someone else. It feels like they're organic things with histories, even in a digital world.

Heartilly.Com is the domain which holds all my Final Fantasy-related websites. It is named after a videogame character, Rinoa Heartilly from FFVIII, to whom my first fansite was dedicated to. Heartilly is derived from the English word, "heartily," which means in a cordial manner, with warmth and sincerity, with zest or enthusiasm.

Aftercolony.Org is domain which holds all my mecha-related websites. It is inspired by Gundam Wing, one of my favorite anime series from the 1990s. After Colony is the calendar system used.

FaintSmile.Org was chosen because I wanted a name that was accessible and understandable to the general public. It is inspired by an anime series, Claymore, where a character is given the title "of the Faint Smile." However, you don't need to know the fandom to get the name. A faint smile is a Mona Lisa-type smile - an expression steeped in subtlety and mystery. It could be amusment; it could be melancholy; it could be anywhere in between the two.

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