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This fanlisting was approved at TFL on January 23, 2003. One or Eight is listed at TFL under the Musicians: Bands/Groups section as Do As Infinity. It is currently owned, designed and maintained by Amy.

I adopted this fanlisting from Nell (of At the time, I knew nothing "fanlistings", only of shrines. Regardless, even when I went on a 5 year hiatus, I kept the DAI fanlist online. To this day, I credit this website and as the sole reasons I didn't let anything expire and I eventually returned to my old hobby.

Coincidentally, the time I returned to web design was the same time that DAI reunited. I fell in love with their new music, even more so than their older work. Thus, the site was renamed (Infinity to One or Eight) and expanded for Amassment's Fanlistings → Shrine marathon.

One or Eight won the Favorite Band/Musician award at the 2011 Fansite Pageant.

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Need to ask a question, donate something, send me love letters, etc? Reach me by email (preferred). You can also comment at my Updates Log.


Banners: Banners were made by me, or otherwise kindly donated by Saya and Sofia.

Scripts: I use Lightbox 2 for image galleries and DOM Rollover II for general navigation.

Images/Videos: Official images are all owned by Avex and can be found all over the web. Screencaps come from PC FMVs downloaded off Youtube.

Layout Design: Made by me in Photoshop CS and raw coded in Notepad++. Graphic resources come from Photoshop Stock and Ameer-Sa.

Site Name: Current site name "One or Eight" came from a Do As Infinity song. As DAI loves wordplay, the title is a pun on both language, DAI's name, and DAI's symbol. There is a saying in Japanese, "Ichi ka Bachi ka", which means "Sink or Swim". The words can also be translated literally as "one or eight". The English equivilant of this saying "Do or Die." Also, eight is the sideways version of the infinity sign.


This is an unofficial fansite, made by a fan for fans. I have no official affiliation to Do As Infinity, their family, friends, or management.