The Marathon

The General Series Fansite Marathon is a fansite creation event, organized by Ava ( and Juhi (

Over the course of a few months, each participant worked on a fansite focused on a general series or stand-alone story, whether it be from animanga, video games, live action, literature, or internet media. The final products are listed here.

Why? A decade ago, fans of a series could go online and find a legit one-stop information site that quenched any thirst for character tidbits and gooey spoilers. Due to the changing culture of the web, general series fansites have become harder to find over the years, making folks rely on Wikis or blogs of variable quality to get their fandom fix. This marathon aimed to change that for the better!

For inquiries, contact Ava & Juhi; Part of Amassment.

The Information

Timeline: October 20, 2011 - February 1, 2011
Participants: 17 signups; 3 completed
Guidelines: Here

The Results

Dynamic FamilyDynamic Family
The Incredibles
by Sarah of Ohmydarling.Org
Locks of LoveLocks of Love
by Amy Marie of Alexiel.Net
Second ChancesSecond Chances
Final Fantasy VIII
by Sofia of Sohryu.Nu

(This list is subject to updates. All participants who did not finish in time of the official deadline are welcome and encouraged to submit their websites upon completion.)

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