Ghost in the Shell

// Togusa

With an implanted sub-brain as his only cybernetic augmentation, and a wife and a child at home, Togusa is something of an anomaly within the ranks of Section Nine (where most of the staff is at least 50% artificial). Also, unlike most of the other agents who were primarily recruited from the military, Togusa was handpicked for employment in Section Nine by Kusanagi from the police department. Adept at investigative work, he often is used to infiltrate suspicious organizations. We often see him playing the detective role, standing at a crime scene wondering what a victim saw, or going undercover not knowing what to expect. Because of his continued efforts, a crucial revelation in the Laughing Man case is discovered. He also has a penchant for using archaic 20th century firearms.

// Dive Deeper

Togusa is the human aspect, the heart of the team. And that's why he's so likable. Motoko explained it best in the movie, he's almost fully human, and that's why he was hand picked and needed for Section9. There are intangibles that prostetics can't replace. He's the one who notices odd aspects of society that the others are apathetic to, usually on topics regarding the line between humanity and technology. He's relatable, because he's seeing this strange world the way we are.

Not to mention, he's intelligent and relentless with a sense of decency. I have to respect a man who remains optimistic and holds to good values, especially in this sick sad world today, because it's hard to not be jaded by now. His earnest nature earns him the affection of his comrades too, as they are all visible upset when Togusa lands in the hospital afer the Sunflower Society massarce. In the end, his competence is recognized as he replaces Motoko as the captain of Section9 in Solid State Society.

// Featured Episodes

Season 1: Ep 11 PORTRAITZ
Togusa goes undercover at a corrupted social welfare facility for children with a cyberbrain condition. He unknowingly encounters Aoi, the Laughing Man.

Season 1: Ep 20 RE-VIEW
Following up on the Laughing Man lead, Togusa does an independent search for clues. He discovers the Sunflower Society, and important records regarding micromachine technology. Before he can deliver this information, Togusa gets caught up in a govt-issued massacre and barely escapes, heavily wounded.

Season 2: Ep 10 TRIAL
Togusa gets mixed in a domestic dispute, trying to protect a young woman for her jerk boyfriend. The woman gets killed, and Togusa fired off rounds against her attacker. Later his is put on trial by the rich jerk and his lawyer. Things look bad for Togusa, as the other side twists his situation to turn him into a scapegoat. But in the end, his team at Section 9 comes through and bails him out.