Ghost in the Shell

// Episode Guide

This serves as a quick reference guide for those people with a specific episode or event in mind, but who cannot remember which episode that was. Episode plots are completely given away, so please don't proceed if you want to be surprised. Spoiler-free story summaries can be found on Wikipedia.

Stand alone episodes are called "Stand Alone". Episodes linked by a common storyline, the Laughing Man conspiracy, are called "Complex".



Type: Stand Alone. Title: Embraced by a Disguised Net - CAPTIVATED

// #20 RE-VIEW

Type: Complex. Title: Vanished Medication - RE VIEW

// #21 ERASER

Type: Complex. Title: Left Behind Trace - ERASER

// #22 SCANDAL

Type: Complex. Title: Corporate Graft -- SCANDAL

// #23 EQUINOX

Type: Complex. Title: Corporate Graft -- SCANDAL