Ghost in the Shell

// Daisuke Aramaki

The wise and powerful Head of Section Nine, Aramaki relies upon his many international and corporate contacts to supply his team with the information they need to get the job done. Though he commands a great deal of respect, he is occasionally called "Monkey Man" by his subordinates (perhaps because of his unconventional hairstyle). Seldom directly involved in police actions, he is nonetheless constantly working behind the scenes to coordinate the efforts of his agents, making quick and authoritative decisions and maintaining tight control of Kusanagi.
Spotlight Episode: Season 1 / Ep 11: ANGELS' SHARE
English Voice Actor: William Frederick Knight
Japanese Voice Actor: Osamu Saka

// Ishikawa

The oldest member of Section Nine except for Aramaki, Ishikawa is a cool and composed intelligence agent whose activities seldom require active fieldwork. An accomplished hacker, he spends most of his time quietly gathering information from the net.
English Voice Actor: Michael McCarty
Japanese Voice Actor: Yutaka Nakano

// Saito

Section Nine's sharpshooter, Saito is a cool, highly professional specialist practiced in the use of long-range weapons and tactics. He favors the .50 caliber sniper rifle and can use the cybernetic magnification scope hidden in his left eye to uplink with a GPS satellite for additional accuracy.
Spotlight Episode: Season 2 / Ep 14: Beware the Left Eye - POKER FACE
English Voice Actor: Dave Wittenburg
Japanese Voice Actor: Toru Okawa

// Pazu

Rumored to be an ex-yakuza, Pazu is the shady member of Section Nine. Using his underground connections, Pazu gives Section Nine access to otherwise unreachable people and places. Quite the philanderer, he brags that he never sleeps with the same woman twice.
Spotlight Episode: Season 2 / Ep 13: Face - MAKE UP
English Voice Actor: Robert Buchholtz
Japanese Voice Actor: Takashi Onozuka

// Boma

Boma is the quintessential strong but silent type and Section Nine's explosives expert. While his body may be built for a full-on assault, Boma is much more comfortable hacking the net.
Notable Episode: Season 2 / Ep 22: Abandoned City - REVERSAL PROCESS
English Voice Actor: Dean Wein
Japanese Voice Actor: Taro Yamaguchi