Ghost in the Shell

// Quotes

Here are memorable lines and conversations from the Stand Alone Complex episodes only. If you'd like to suggest quotes for this page, please do so. This page is under construction.

// Episode 01: SECTION-9

Major: If youíve got a problem with the world, change yourself. If that's a problem, close your eyes, shut your mouth, and live like a hermit. And if thatís a problemÖ [presses gun to his head]

// Episode 02: TESTATION

Kago: When my body dies, Iíll be free of my religion.

// Episode 12: ESCAPE FROM

Major: I have to admit, for a movie it wasn't bad- but diversionary entertainment is transitory, it just comes and goes at the viewers whim. It's the way it should be, but a film with no beginning or end that hooks an audience and won't let go of them is harmful no matter how wonderful you may have believed it was.
Kanazuki: Ohh, you're a tough critic. Are you saying that we members of the audience have a reality to which we should return?
Major: Yes I am.
Kanazuki: For some who sit and watch the film, misery will be waiting for them the instant they go back to reality. You're willing to accept responsibility for depriving these people of their dreams?
Major: No, I'm not. But dreams are meaningful when you work toward them in the real world. If you merely live within the dreams of other people it's no different from being dead.


Tachikoma: In the end, we're half-dead and half-alive; since we're not alive, we cannot die.

Tachikoma: For humans, through interaction with robots, the concept of "life" is changing at the subconscious level. The ones who are changing are humans, not robots.

Tachikoma: I think I'm starting to understand the concept of God. Maybe it's akin to the concept of zero. In other words, it's a symbol that rejects the lack of meaning that is necessary in order to designate the system as such. In analog, it's God. In digital, it's zero.

Tachikoma: The problem lies in the fact that we're becoming too human. The boundary that seperates humans and robots is already based solely on minute diferences of a physical nature. Think about why our bodies are designed to not look humanoid. Orr users would invest too much emotion in us if we were humanoid... People desire machines that act like machines.

Tachikoma 1: Before, I felt like I could just do things without thinking, but now...
Tachikoma 2: That's because you really weren't thinking for yourself, right? You have to look at acquiring intelligence more positively.

// Episode 16: AG2O

Zaitsev: I'm the one with the blind spot in my heart.